Front Range Academy FAQ

When do the classes meet?

June, July, August:  8:00 am – 12:00 pm, Monday – Friday,

September through May:

Mon: 3 - 6 pm
Tue: 3 - 6 pm
Wed: 6 - 7:30 am and 3:30 - 5:30 pm
Thu: 6 - 7:30 am and 3 - 6 pm
Fri: 3 - 6 pm
Sat: 4 - 7 pm
Sun: No classes

Can I arrive late or leave early? 
A: Yes!  The FRA coaches are good at adjusting to kids that need to arrive late and/or leave early.  We are aware that schedules can get tough and busy.  These are student athletes and the academics come first!
What will happen with my kids GPA with this much tennis? 
A: We have actually had some kids whose academic performances have improved!  The FRA will force kids to learn time management and organizational skills.  It will force kids to put down the cell phones, devices, and video games and develop a healthy passion for life!
Do I need to attend all 20 hours/week? 
A: We are very flexible with the schedules when possible.  We allow part time attendance in certain situations.  Our busy months (summer and winter) make it tough for us to pro-rate the team since we are very full.  We ask players to free up the spot for someone that can attend full time during the busy months.  There are times that I can pro-rate during the boys fall HS season and the girls spring HS season.  We can also typically pro-rate for players choosing the AM only option for the FRA during the months of October thru May.
Who is eligible for this team and is there an age range? 
A:  This team is invitation only.  Players are chosen at the sole discretion of Williams Tennis School LLC.  Players that are able to compete in sectional tournaments in the 12’s through the 18’s (boys or girls) will be invited to this group.  Ultimately, who is selected for this team will be a subjective process and Williams Tennis School will have the final say.  A players ability level, attitude, behavior, sportsmanship, are all factors that will be considered for placement on this team.

How does this schedule work during the school year?IMG_1750.jpg

A:  This academy is designed for the home-schooled player, players enrolled in online schooling, or those who have obtained a late-start from their school principal.  Check with your school to see if you are eligible for a PE credit for missed school time in the morning if you attend a public school.  

Can my player start at anytime? 

A:  Yes, if there is availability.  Priority will be given to current players and those who enroll by the 15th of the prior month before we start the next month.

What is the size of the team? 

A:   This team will be 8-20 players total, with a max of 6 on the court.  We will always have a minimum of 4-6 courts.

Where do classes meet? 

A: The classes will meet at the Longmont Athletic Club.

Who will be coaching the team? IMG_1738.jpg

A: Steve Williams will be the primary coach. 

Are parents required to stay and watch during the classes? 

A: Parents are not required to stay during class times, but are welcome to stay and watch.

Will this team be traveling to tournaments?

A: Yes.  We will be traveling all over the intermountain section and competing in sectional and national tournaments. We will also make affordable trips out of state for tournaments as a team. Our out of state trips typically save families money when the coaches expenses are split up compared to parents travelling.

What else is involved? 

A: We will have guest coaches who are certified teaching pros, college players training with us, and guest speakers.  Periodically throughout the year we will have experts in the fields of mechanics, biomechanics, diet and nutrition, mental toughness, and strength and conditioning. 

Will my player drop out of the normal groups, classes, and private lessons? 

A:  This team will become my primary focus for the entire year.  I will have less time than I currently have for 1:1 lessons.  My staff at Williams Tennis School will cover many of the regular classes and will help out with private instruction.  I will do my best to make time for private lessons, and in certain cases it might make sense to stay in the separate “Elite” groups.  In other cases, you may want to drop out of the other classes and focus on this Front Range team.

Who is on this team? 

A:  YOU are on this team if you sign up.  I promise you will be challenged.  This is not a question that I am concerned with.  Someone has to be the best player in any group and I will make sure you are challenged.  You can back out after 30 days if you do not feel like you are improving, or this is not a good fit for you.

Is the fee ever pro-rated? 

A:  We will prorate ONLY for high school students who also play on high school teams so players can train with their teammates and join us in the mornings.

What exactly are we doing for these 4-5 hours/day? 

A:  We are going to do exactly what I think we need to do to get better and have fun.  This team and these groups will be more focused and more intense than our regular “Elite” classes that we normally run.  We will always work hard and have fun.  That is the only philosophy that I can relate to no matter what I’m doing at any given moment.  We will use video for mechanical analysis and footwork pattern analysis.  We will focus on shot selection, tactics, and individual playing styles.  We will focus on drills, rally time, and match play time.  We will focus on intelligently constructing a tennis point and we will learn how to finish a point.  Consistency will be our core foundation, but we will also develop players that learn how to end a point, and we will become players that compete at all altitudes and on all surfaces.  These players will have fun and will get better.  

 How is the FRA doing now that we have been around for over 4 years? 

 A: We have grown to be the largest travel academy in this part of the nation.  Our players are highly respected.  We don't have a single player that cheats.  We are making semi-finals and quarter-final appearances at major sectionals.  We are dominating locally in Championship level events. We will continue to travel to Salt Lake, Las Vegas, and outside the section for major tournaments as a team.  The kids call themselves "The FRAmily."  I do not ask that they all be best friends, but I absolutely demand that they respect one another and function as a unit and as a team!